Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of '09

As the weeks start coming to an end, the work seems to be piling up. the biggest difference between high school and college is that ther really isnt any way to figure out how your doing in your classes. only 2 of my teachers have there grades posted online, but what about the other classes? it sucks cause i do all the homework and try to pay attention in class but im just such a bad test taker, and thats what brings my grades down. luckly most of my teachers drop the lowest test grade, so that should help some. i cant wait for christmas break to come! this week has been so hecktic with papers due, tests to take, and getting things for christmas. once this weeks over, i think its going to be a little better, at least i hope! the weather lately has been so crappy. what hapened to the sun shining andwarm weather? the winter weather always brings my mood down a little, the cold weather and the gloomy grey skys just lower my spirts a little. but once the snow comes, it'll make it all better:)