Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of '09

As the weeks start coming to an end, the work seems to be piling up. the biggest difference between high school and college is that ther really isnt any way to figure out how your doing in your classes. only 2 of my teachers have there grades posted online, but what about the other classes? it sucks cause i do all the homework and try to pay attention in class but im just such a bad test taker, and thats what brings my grades down. luckly most of my teachers drop the lowest test grade, so that should help some. i cant wait for christmas break to come! this week has been so hecktic with papers due, tests to take, and getting things for christmas. once this weeks over, i think its going to be a little better, at least i hope! the weather lately has been so crappy. what hapened to the sun shining andwarm weather? the winter weather always brings my mood down a little, the cold weather and the gloomy grey skys just lower my spirts a little. but once the snow comes, it'll make it all better:)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

turkey day!

thanksgiving is finally here! its kinda depressing in a way thou cause for me it marks the closure of a year gone by. before you know it its christmas than new years. for thanksgiving this year we went to my aunts house down in Barnegat New Jersey, about a 2 hour drive from my house. it was nice to see everyone though. the food was really good too. im not much of a turkey fan, but the stuffing and the pies were delicious. after we ate, me and my cousin james and my brother decided to take a walk in the woods. by this time it was about 5:30, so it was getting really dark. we were just walking and talking, when my clumsy self walked into a ditch and sprained my ankel. my ankles are weak to begin with because of years of karate so it was sometihng that ive delt with before. so basicly my thanksgiving started out great, and ended, well, with an injured ankle. so thats how my thanksgiving went.

Friday, November 20, 2009

this week

this week has been pretty good. the usual rushing of work and papers makes the week just fly by. i cant wait to come back home next week for thanksgiving, and get to see everyone. since ive been here ive been missing my friends alot. you dont realize how much you miss your friends untill you dont see them all the time. too bad the break is onnly a week long:( but oh well. this week was also the dance, which was okay. im not a big dancer mmyself but my roommate kinda made me go so i went. the glow in the dark theme was pretty cool with all the glow stick and such. it was pretty fun thou.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Back home

This weekend, i decided to head back to jersey and come home for the weekend. even though i only live 45 minutes away in central jersey,i dont usually go home too often. it felt so good to be back home, where i know where everything is and can actually drive places. i think thats one of the things i miss the most, my car. i never thought i would miss my car. i think its because of the fact that if you need to go somewhere you cant just hop in your car and go, cause you dont have one. but anyway, it was so nice going back home since i havent been back in at least a month. on saturday we had a party for my grandpa who was turning 80, so i got to see all my cousins, uncles, and aunts. it was really nice to see them and hear what theve been all up to while iv'e been away at college. then on sunday i got all my shopping done and got to see my old horse Cody. Cody is a palomino quarter horse that i have been leasing for the past 3 years, but unfortunatelly i had to stop leasing him because i was going off to college. it was so nice to go see him again because as soon as i walked up to the fence he came right up to the fence to see me. it really brought a sense of comfort that no matter how long you've been away, your home is still your home.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


19. wow do i feel old! there really isnt any perks to being 19. i remember being younger and seeing my older cousins turn 19 and being in awe in how old they were and saying how being 19 was so far away and now look. im 19 and in college. amazing how time flys. so this weekend was basicly amazing. on sunday my friend and i went to go see one of my favorite bands of all time, Taking Back Sunday. for the past 2 years i have wanted to see them in concert and finally i got to and boy was it worth it! i was even sick that day and could barely talk but i went anyway. they were AMAZING!! we were so close too and adam lazzara, the lead singer, was just amazing, he's a great preformer. it was such a great concert that i lost my voice completely the next day(my birthday), but it was totally worth it.

that next day, october 26th was my birthday. and for my birthday the people in my dorm decided to suprise me after my first period class and so when i walked into my dorm they were all standing outside my door singing happy birthday to me. it was great! and they all decorated my door with wrapping paper and everyone signed it which was really nice. and my roommate decided to decorate the inside of our room too with streamers and balloons that coved the whole floor. needless to say, it was a great suprise. "if chasing our dreams is just a distraction i want to remember but i know that i cant go back" ~Taking Back Sunday(New American Classic)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More friends

so this week someone really special is coming out to visit me in college. her name is Julia and she was my german exchange student that ive know for the past 2 years. a few weeks ago i got an email from here telling me that she was going to be coming out to America and she wanted to come visit. i cant wait for her to come out because i havent seen her in a year. so basicly thats all ive been waiting for this whole week, for thursday to come around so i can see my german friend again!:)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

friends in all shapes and sizes

so this weekend was freakin awesome because one of my best friends from childhood came up to visit me! my friend nikki goes to James Maddison University in Virginia, which is about 6 hours away, so when she said she was going to be coming up i was so excited to see her because this was going to be one of the only times she would be up here untill thanksgiving break. she came down friday night, and stayed till saturday. it was probably one of the best times ive had. we went to doylestown saturday in the day. than at night we went to see my high school marching band preform since they were preforming near by. it was so sad though because as i was watching them preform, it reminded me of my colorguard days, working my ass off on that football field under the beating hot sun, and all the fun i had just being around all my friends. the shear thought of this sometimes makes me wish i could relive that moment all over again. everyone says how marching band isnt a sport, but it can be debateable. yes, there is no tryouts involved, and whoever wants to join can but it still is tons of hard work invloved behind the scenes. all the summer practices every week, practices litterally all day for 2 weeks during band camp, out in the hottest and the coldest days, throwing you wooden rifle up in the air and expecting to catch it perfectly each time. its not easy. trust me.

so anyways, back to the weekend. so after the show, i thought it would be a good idea to go home and suprise my parents because i havent seen them in the past month. and since she was going home anyway she decided to take me along and drop me off. since i live in central Jersey it didnt take that long to get home. when my parents saw me they were so suprised. it was then i realized its nice to go back home once and a while to reconnect with your friends and you life. yes you meet alot of friends at college, but its nothing compaired to the friends you know back home that you've known practicly for your whole life.

so then that sunday my parents drove me back to college and to my suprise when i walked into my dorm room, some new friends decided come live with us. Ants. all along the side wall a whole pile of ants sqirming and crawing along the side wall. so finally my ra decided to call maintaince and get it fixed so they came in today to get rid of them. thank you maintance. so that was my weekend, full of friends, family, and ants. "It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boring weeks and relaxing weekends

So this past week was pretty uneventful. starting to get into the swing of things, getting to all my classes and getting work done. it just seems like an endless cycle sometimes. the weekend was pretty enjoyable thou. saturday i went to philly for the first time to meet up with one of my best friend John who goes to Cabrini. the last time i saw him was right before he left for college about a month ago, so it was nice to see him again. we took the train to get there, which was an adventure in itself. now ive been on trains plenty of times, but it can get confusing trying to figure out what stop to get off at. when we got on the train we told the conductor that we were going to the center city stop, not realizing that the center city stop was under another name. long story short, we missed our stop and had to get off and take another train back to were we needed to go. once we got into the city, we went and got my first philly cheesesteak ever. i know, its sad ive never had a philly cheesesteak before. it was really good actually. after that we went to the Philidelphia Museum of Art and climbed the same steps Silvester Stallone climbed in the Rocky movies. after we did that we walked around for a few more hours and went home. that was pretty much my weekend. after these few weeks of nonstop work it was nice to have a relaxing weekend filled with plenty of sleep and reuniting with old friends. i think im going to start something new with my blog. im going to try to end each blog entry with a quote to think about, so here it goes. "Life is what happends when your busy making other plans"- John Lennon

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Second week of School!

So far school isnt as bad as i thought it would be. i always imagined getting tons and tons of papers to do and tests to take. so far its not that bad. but enough talking about schoolwork. This week a few of my friends and i decided to start a friendly game of 'touch' football, which ended with two bruised legs and a broken nail. so much for no tackling. Speaking of football, being from jersey i have always been surrounded by some of the most hardcore Giants fans around. Here, everyone seems to be Eagles fans. all up and down the dorms Eagles signs are posted up and jerseys warn every sunday. me personally, i love watching football in general so i dont really have a favorite team. But, i do have one team that i just love to see loose. and that would be the Giants. no offense to any hardcore Giants fanatics but i just dont care for them. yes, they probably won more superbowls than i can count on one hand, but ive been surrounded by Giants fans all my life and i just love seeing them get knocked off there little pedestal. its just that its nice to see the underdog win sometimes. Well thats all for now!